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Many movies have ranked among the best movies of all time, but what about the movies of the 80s? They range in genre from the brat pack to instant classics. If you are a fan of movies, or a wannabe movie buff, here are some great movies, in no particular order, to add to a must see list!

​​1.The Breakfast Club              
2.St. Elmo’s Fire
3.Sixteen Candles                  
5.When Harry Met Sally       
7.Ferris Bueller’s Day Off      
9.Pretty In Pink               
10.Fast Times at Ridgemont High
12.Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
14.Terms of Endearment
15.Back to the Future- the Trilogy   
16.Say Anything
17.Driving Miss Daisy              
18.Risky Business
20.Top Gun
21.Child’s Play                        
22.Dirty Dancing
23.The Goonies               
24.Indiana Jones-the Trilogy
25.A Fish Called Wanda        
27.Blue Lagoon                      
28.Field of Dreams
30.Die Hard
31.Weird Science                     
33.Dead Poets Society    
34.E.T. –The Extra-Terrestrial
35.Stand By Me                     
38.Friday the Thirteenth
39.Good Morning, Vietnam   
40.The Princess Bride
41.A Christmas Story              
42.Revenge of the Nerds
43.9 to 5                          
44.Day of the Dead
45.Wall Street                         
46.Blues Brothers
48.Nightmare on Elm Street
49.The Karate Kid          
50.Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
53.Uncle Buck                         
54.Young Guns
55.About Last Night              
57.Masters of the Universe     
58.Weekend at Bernie’s
59.Lost Boys                          
60.Never Ending Story
61.Monty Python                   
62.Police Academy
63.The Outsiders                    
65.Who Framed Roger Rabbit  
66.Valley Girl
67.Lethal Weapon          
70.Purple Rain
71.Star Wars: Return of the Jedi  
72.The Shining
73.Urban cowboy              
74.National Lampoon’s Vacation
75.This is Spinal Tap

These seventy-five of the greatest movies from 1980-1989 are classics to see for any moviegoer. They are perfect additions to any collector’s compilation of great films.

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​​​Best Movies of the 80s​
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